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   Faith Fellowship Ministerial Association, Inc. exists to provide ministerial credentials and support to full-gospel ministers without requiring the candidate to complete a course of study or acquire a degree. We believe that if a minister has been divinely called by God to preach the gospel, then he or she should be able to do so simply having proven a knowledge of God’s Word and evidence of a Spirit-filled life. We provide exhorter credentials to those who are laboring as a teacher or serving in other positions of ministry in the church, and who believe there is a call of God on their lives but are still waiting for the Lord to direct their ministry. Exhorter credentials are also issued to those ministers still within the first year of their ministry, or those who are new to FFMA, have not previously held License or Ordination credentials, and do not have a current pastor who can confirm his or her work in the ministry. If a minister has previously held within the past year, or is currently holding Ordination credentials with another recognized ministry, and he or she has a current pastor to confirm his or her work in the ministry, then Ordination credentials will be issued upon completion and approval of an application. If a minister receives Exhorter credentials from FFMA, he or she must hold those credentials one year before being eligible for License credentials. Having received License or Ordination credentials, a minister is eligible to conduct a marriage ceremony.

   Although FFMA was incorporated in 2023, it’s president and vice-president have been working together in the ministry for nearly 25 years. The current FFMA president served as the executive vice-president of Faith Fellowship Ministries, Inc for nearly 25 years. Upon the death of the president of FFM, Pastor Bobby Tidwell, he was installed as the new president. The vice-president of FFM became the vice-president of FFMA, and the executive secretary became the secretary. Due to legal issues with the transfer of leadership, the organization had to be incorporated under a different title. Therefore, the decision of the board of FFM decided the title of the new organization would be an extension of the original name, Faith Fellowship Ministerial Association, Inc.

   The Fellowship currently has ministers with credentials in several states from Arkansas to Illinois, across the Florida panhandle to the east coast of Florida. Our ministers serve as pastors, evangelists, teachers and other areas of ministry. The current Executive Board consists of Pastor Danny Carnley, president, Pastor Richard Vickers, vice-president, and Conni Carnley, wife of Pastor Danny serves as secretary. In addition we have ministers that make up our Advisory Board. FFMA holds an annual Camp Meeting each year the first full week of June, Tuesday through Thursday with two services daily. You can find more information about this event on this website.

   If you would like more information about this organization, or you are interested in holding credentials with this Fellowship, please contact us using the information provided on this website.
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